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What is Flannel & Flame?

Flannel & Flame is a home for that warm feeling you get when you’re sitting around a fire at the end of the day with friends, telling stories about the day, watching the sun go down. Maybe there are marshmallows or hot dogs. Hopefully somebody brought a guitar.

Aaron and his wife Holly have been camping together since they were 15 years old. Summer vacations with Holly’s family and high school friends at campgrounds in Michigan turned into car camping in Canada and finally taking their vintage camper to the Upper Peninsula. 35 years later, they still camp with Holly’s family every summer.

Through these trips and countless campfires in the backyard, they gained an appreciation for the magic of the fire. It brings people together, encourages deeper discussion, and creates memories of a lifetime. All the while cooking up a panful of bacon and brussels sprouts. The fire is a great teacher.

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Time spent outdoors is time well spent.

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